Games Farm


Games Farm team operates continuously since its foundation in 2001. In the meantime Games Farm became the most experienced development team in Slovakia focused on the development of games for PC and consoles market. This was confirmed by winning several categories in Slovakian Best Game Awards 2017 ceremony, Bestes Indie Game from Gamestop for Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Slovakian Best Game Awards 2018 ceremony, Best of E3 nomination from Worthplaying, E3 Best of the Show nomination from RPGDot, nomination for Central European Game Awards with Shadows: Awakening.

Games Farm developed more than 20 full crossplatform games of various genres and cooperated on dozens of other titles for various clients. Company is headquartered in Kosice with headcount of around 40 full time people and cooperates with external suppliers across the world.

Games Farm is focused on the development of high quality RPG titles with ambitions to increase the quality and scope of the production to match the best games in the production.

Games Farm worked in past with various partners, including Activision, Ubisoft, JoWood, Destineer, bitComposer and others.

Games Farm works in close cooperation with International Hobo, Ltd, who provides game design consulting, native English writing, consulting, and QA assistance Games Farm’s projects, helping to delivering tightly written and designed experience.

Currently Games Farm cooperates with Funcom on not yet announced title based on an IP owned by Heroic Signatures DA scheduled for release during 2021.